Tea Gardens Police make an important bust finding ‘Ice’ and weapons

A firearm and drugs were found on a man after questioning.  Last Thursday evening Tea Gardens local Police were called to a domestic violence incident between an 18 year old male and a 14 year old female.

A short time later about 8pm, the male accused was observed driving a motor vehicle in Marine Parade Tea Gardens.

The vehicle was stopped by Police and the male spoken to in relation to the earlier incident which was an allegation of  domestic violence related malicious damage.

                The male was detained by police and a subsequent search of the vehicle revealed a plastic bag containing a substance Police allege to be 1.05 grams of the drug ICE.

Secreted beside the driver’s seat was a large ‘Bowie’ style knife with a blade some 200mm or 8” long.

The male was then informed by Police that he was under arrest for ‘Possession of the Illegal Drug, the Knife and the earlier Domestic Violence related incident.’

During the course of the initial investigation, Police were made aware of the possibility of a firearm being in possession of the male accused.

This allegation was denied by the male.

                Further information led Police to an isolated location off Viney Creek Rd where Police located a ‘sawn off’ .22 Calibre Rifle and 2 boxes of ammunition buried.

Police then conveyed the male to Raymond Terrace Police Station where he was charged with seven offences including ‘Possess Firearm’.

The male was refused bail to appear before Raymond Terrace Local Court on 10 April 2015.

Thanks go to our local police for the great job they do protecting our community.

Their diligence has taken another illegal firearm off ‘the street’ in a situation where potential outcomes could have been tragic.

Police put their lives on the line daily and its incidents like this that should remind us of the dangers faced by our ‘Local Cop’

To put things into perspective, 2 boxes of .22 Calibre ammunition equates to 100 rounds whilst a gram of ICE in Australia costs anything from $400-$800.

Throw in a big knife and the potential for disaster is clear.

Our local police have done the local community a great service and I thank them.

Tea Gardens / Hawks Nest is not immune from the current ice epidemic ravaging the rest of the country.

This should be a strong reminder to the powers that be to ‘Keep our local police local’.

Without the ability to respond quickly and locally, a whole different outcome may have occurred.

                News came to hand at 5.30pm 10 April, the accused male was refused bail at court until 25 May 2015.

This decision clearly shows the Magistrate’s commitment to the safety of the community and the severity of an incident that occurred on our doorsteps and displayed all the hallmarks of a ‘tragedy waiting to happen’.

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