Tea Gardens Women’s Bowling Club

Club President Robyn Webster with Judi Polak and Maryanne Cuss, winners of the Minor Pairs Championship.

TUESDAY 4th June: Social bowls and Round 1/ Semi Final of the Club Championship Minor Pairs played. To be eligible to compete in the Minor Pairs Competition an entrant must not have won any Major Championship or have won this Competition before, hence often some of the competitors could have been bowling for a number of years, where as they opponents could not have much bowling experience. Results of the Competition as follows Deyonne Page and Gay Pezet had a win bowling against Kay Berczelly and Jane Uff 26 v 6, I think this would have been the first time Jane had played Skip and as always the score is not always a reflection of the standard of the bowling.

Maryanne Cuss and Judi Polak started strongly and remained in control of their match against Lyn Nightingale and Bev Harrington winning 20 v 10. Social bowls played 2 games of Triples 18 ends Kris MacDonald (Swinger lead), Sheila Rattray and Irene Roberts were having a close game v Kris, Preccy Swaddling and Ingrid Luck with 3 ends left to bowl Ingrid’s ladies had a 2 shot lead (13 v 11). Then the unthinkable happened Irene’s team scored a 7 then 2 on the next end winning the game 20 v 14. Dot Dallas, Lorraine Murphy and Dale Winter defeated Vicki McMillan, Jan Coomer and Bette Saillard 16 v 12. The winners on the day winning with the highest score were Kris, Sheila and Irene.

Thursday 6th June: The Final of the Minor Pairs Maryanne Cuss and Judi Polak bowling against Deyonne Page and Gay Pezet. I would have to report that basically Maryanne and Judi took control of this contest on the 4th end and never looked back, they scored 5 points on this end and took the lead 6 v 3, on the 6th end they added 4 more points to their tally 10 v 4. Deyonne and Gay won the next 2 ends but only scoring 1 on each end, the next 8 ends were won by Maryanne and Judi. The game finished on the 16th end as the deficit was too big for Deyonne and Gay to score with just 2 ends remaining to bowl, the score 20 v 6. Congratulations to Maryanne and Judi winners of the Minor Pairs Championship 2024 and well done to Deyonne and Gay Runners Up. Social bowls played 3 games of Triples 12 ends, a win to Bev Rhodes, Carol Hayden and Ingrid Luck 12 v Dorothy Thompson, Dot Dallas and Bev Dunn 10.
Kris MacDonald, Sue Morris and Lorraine Murphy defeated Preccy Swaddling, Lyn Nightingale and Bette Saillard 16 v 8 and last but not least a win to Danni Smith, Jan Coomer and Robyn Webster 12 v Vicki McMillan, Jane Uff and Sandra Leisemann 11.

Coming events : Thursday 13th June Unfurling Day State Pennant Flag, a game of bowls followed by the Unfurling Ceremony then lunch members TGMBC are invited to attend. Thursday 20th June Lemon Tree Passage v TGWBC Trophy Day to be bowled at Tea Gardens.


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