Trainees and Apprentices Group Training Program Looking for Mature Workers on the Coffs Coast

Allied Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Trainees with Glen Cassidy. Lachlan Sole, Adam Cross, Glen Cassidy, Liam Bartlett and Ky Birmingham.


DID you know there is a program in our area that takes the pressure off businesses by employing apprentices and trainees on their behalf?

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It also guarantees the apprentice or trainee another business match if their program falls through?

What is this magical unicorn program?

It is a program called Group Training and is offered by Novaskill Coffs Harbour.

Unlike other trainee and apprenticeship programs the training provider is the employer and this means less work for the business owner.

According to NovaSkill Manager Andrew Simons, “We invoice the employer for the wage.

“For a small employer it is ideal as they don’t have to worry about payroll tax, annual leave and award rates.

“We take care of all that and it makes it so much easier for the local electrician and plumber and others to take on an apprentice or trainee,” he said.

“The benefit to the trainee and apprentice is that if it falls through we can deliver continuation of service by arranging another employer,” Mr Simons said.

Glen Cassidy runs the program in Coffs Harbour and said school students and mature job seekers may be eligible for the program.

“Recently we have placed people into mechanic, real estate and horticultural programs and have a company in Macksville looking for older apprentices -a bus building company.

“Now we are searching for older people with more life experience,” said Mr Cassidy.

“Currently we have seventeen in the group training program.

Eight with Coffs Council, four with Allied Air Conditioning and two horticultural trainees and one at Jetty Dental as a Dental Assistant and another has just started with LJ Hooker as a trainee real estate agent,” he told News Of The Area.

According to Mr Cassidy the range of apprenticeships and traineeships available is unlimited.


By Sandra MOON

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