Upgrade of St Johns Parish Hall at Stroud

FROM the latest Council papers, an application proposes the demolition of the existing St John’s Parish Hall Vestibule and the construction of a new porch and vestibule that includes a toilet for people with disabilities, a sink and cupboards. St Johns Parish Stroud

A new concrete path to the porch/entry is also proposed.

St Johns Church Parish Hall is a State Listed Heritage Item, which forms part of the St John the Evangelist Church group – hall, cemetery and rectory.

The application is therefore ‘integrated development’, requiring heritage approval under the Heritage Act 1977.

Council is required to consider fire safety of the existing church hall building and any necessary upgrade works that may be required.

In this regard, the Parish Hall has windows located within 3m of the southern site boundary requiring protection measures.

The applicant has requested that an upgrade to these windows only be required in the event that a building is erected on the adjacent property to the south that contains Quambi House (also a listed heritage item), and if any part of such building is located within 3m of the common side boundary with the subject property.

Evidence has been provided that the existing vestibule to the St John’s Church Parish Hall is not original and consequently has little heritage significance to the Church Hall and the overall group of items making up the St John’s heritage listing.

The vestibule is in poor condition and the renewal works to the Hall vestibule and addition of a porch for weather protection will utilise similar materials of weatherboards and metal corrugated roofing, to provide an enhanced amenity for the on-going use of the Parish Hall.

It is not considered that the proposal will detrimentally impact on the heritage significance of the Parish Hall, adjacent heritage items or the Stroud Conservation Area.

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