Vandalism: Fourteen cars vandalised in Medowie


MORE than fourteen cars were vandalised last week in Medowie, in a pointless and vindictive attack on residents.

The streets surrounding and including Rosewood were targeted, with many cars suffering damage.

Some cars had a single tyre slashed, others two, and some were also scratched significantly.

One resident, who wishes to remain anonymous after the ordeal, told News Of The Area, “I had a clear view of three persons of interest – I reported all information to the police and hope they are able to do something with it.”

Medowie Lions Club Inc.

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“My family and I are so disappointed.”

“This is such a cruel and senseless thing to do, with nothing to be gained from it,” he said.

Resident, and the face behind the ‘What’s on in our Backyard’ publication, Saffron Quantrell, was another resident to be targeted.

Her 17-year-old son, Danny Fuller, had the tyres on his car slashed, a car which he had saved diligently to only recently have purchased.

Danny has decided to turn this situation around into a positive, and has started a ‘gofundme’ account to not only raise money to cover costs he shouldn’t have had to cover to fix his tyres, but also to raise money for charity – something he has done a lot of in the past.

A similar spate of incidents happened in Mayfield recently, where the culprit was eventually caught.

We can only hope the same thing will happen here in Medowie.

With a community spirit that has shown itself to always help others in need, it is a shame to see these offenders pushing the caring nature of our residents to their breaking point.

Residents are fed up of not feeling safe in this otherwise wonderful town.

Port Stephens Police are urging residents to report every count of criminal behaviour in Medowie – you need to call 000 if you require emergency assistance.

Call the local station on 02 49837599 to lodge a call-out request if you are wanting to see if a car in the area can drive past, or Crime Stoppers to have your call and complaint lodged and recorded for statistical purposes.

You can reach Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

If you would like to read about Danny’s story, they can find it at:



By Rachael VAUGHAN