Waste levy waived in storm and flood affected NSW North Coast


THE NSW Government has waived the waste levy fee for residents disposing of storm and flood generated waste in seven North Coast local government areas that have been declared Natural Disaster Areas.

NSW Environment Protection Authority CEO Tracy Mackey said the levy waiver follows storms and localised flooding that severely impacted the region in February.

“Once the flood waters have receded the clean-up process for residents in these communities can be long, and hard,” Ms Mackey said.

“In waiving the waste levy, the NSW Government is easing some of that burden by making it easier to dispose of flood and storm related waste in a safe and efficient way.

“This will apply to all flood-generated waste such as water damaged building waste, furniture and carpet.

“We hope that this assistance helps communities to expedite their clean-up operations to help them get back on their feet as soon as possible.”

The exemption applies until 31 May 2021 on debris and waste created by local flooding.

The levy will be waived at waste facilities nominated by the councils listed below and local waste facility gate fees may still apply.

Residents should check with their local council for the name and opening status of the nominated facilities, as well as for any specific requirements to dispose of flood damaged waste, noting that flood affected conditions can change rapidly.

Waste facilities will need to ensure the waste is flood generated before they can waive the Government’s waste levy.

The following list of Councils have waste levy exemptions: Clarence Valley, Coffs Harbour City, Kyogle, Lismore City, Nambucca Valley, Port Macquarie-Hastings and Richmond Valley.

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