What are you doing on ANZAC Day?

Lesley Cook: “I’m very proud of what the Diggers did for our country to make us what we are today.”

Lesley Cook
Lesley Cook






Jock Gall: “I joined the army in 1965 at 17 and during the training, the memory of what our forefathers had done was tattooed into our minds.”

Jock Gall

“I spent 34 years in the military and there is a special bond between the Skippy’s and the Kiwi’s.”
“That little country across the sea (Turkey) is welded in our minds and the memory should always be remembered.”
“It’s good to see young people remembering what their grandparents and great grandparents went through.”



“I’ll be attending the Karuah Dawn Service and breakfast at the RSL Club before I go to work.” Peter Kennedy, Karuah

peter kennedy
Peter Kennedy







“On ANZAC Day I will be in Karuah busy working all day.” Dee Walker, Raymond Terracedee walker (1)








“I will be going to the Dawn Service, then later in the day I’ll be playing some Two Up at Karuah RSL.” Jeff Deaves, Karuah

Jeff Deaves
Jeff Deaves









Kirsten Adam: “Australian and New Zealand troops landing in Gallipoli and reflecting on that.” “A day that as Australians we all come together and remember those that fought for what we have today – our freedom and privilege to enjoy this wonderful country.” “Our generation should pass on the meaning of ANZAC

Kirsten Adams
Kirsten Adams

Day, so that it is never forgotten.”




“On ANZAC Day, I encourage all Australians to reflect upon the service and sacrifice of the brave men and women who have served our nation in wars, conflicts and on peace operations,” Mr Baldwin said.“ANZAC Day is a time to remember all those who have defended our nation and in doing so have sacrificed their good health, and in many cases, their lives. ANZAC Day is one of the most important dates in our commemorative calendar.” “On this day we are able to demonstrate our eternal gratitude for their service and for the freedom they have afforded us today.” “I encourage everyone in Paterson to attend a service this ANZAC Day, or at least to take the time to pause and reflect, and remember those who gave their lives in the service of our country.” Bob Baldwin, Federal Member for Patersonbobbaldwin web

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