Wootton and Nerong movie events in line with Film Festivals

Movies are the flavour of the season as Sydney runs an annual international acclaimed film festival in June. The communities of Wootton and Nerong have had movie events to bring together their communities or to focus on international films.

Graeme Brooker and the Candy Bar Kids
Graeme Brooker and the Candy Bar Kids

Wootton was one of the venues hosting a film night in conjunction with the Forster Film Festival earlier this year.

Twelve international short films were played to a packed house of approximately 40 on Saturday 11 April.

The films were approximately five minutes in length and featured from countries like Ireland, Norway, Singapore, USA and Australia.

Greg Smith, the organiser of the event, was happy with the festival branching out to the small town of Wootton and is always looking to involve the local communities in film appreciation and the making of local films.

The Wootton Community Network approached the festival organiser about hosting the event and relished the opportunity to present this event as it is brings economic as well as cultural gain to the town.

The Brush Turkey Cafe was a great community venue with the resources needed, like a screen and projector, to be able to host the event.

The Foster Film Festival played in Hannam Vale on 20 June and will play at Gloucester on 5 September.

The Nerong community held its second in the series of their “On the Myall” nights on 20 June and this time focused on a movie night.

The popular movie “Blended” starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler was shown.

Also, the local Kids Club, which filmed a documentary called “Let’s Have A Chat” was screened.

This film was made by Nerong residents: Hannah Portus, Khloe and Shasha Middleton, Annie and Molly Perry interviewed some of the adults in the village which resulted in some interesting and amusing conversations.

Bailey Middleton read the news and Bonnie Mirisch presented the finance and the weather.

Sue Limon and Bev Brooker were the editors and Graeme Brooker filmed the project.

It was received well by the audience.

A supper of warm apple pie and cream was served after the movie in a cafe-like atmosphere.

The night was a success as it brought the community together through the making of a film and the appreciation of a film.

Many people from the Nerong community get involved with these “On the Myall” nights from delivering invitations, painting signs and making costumes and building the candy bar.

The last of the “On The Myall” series for the year will be held in August and it will be a “Movie and A Meal in the Myall” with a country and western theme.

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