250 Days to Train Brumby

Brumby 250 Trainer Jack Searl from Largs with his Brumby Luna.
Brumby 250 Trainer Jack Searl from Largs with his Brumby Luna.


THE Brumby 250 inaugural event will see the winner shine at the Stroud Show with the final freestyle event being held on 27 April.

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Four trainers were invited to participate in the event which trains Brumbies captured in Kosciuszko National Park.

They have 250 days to turn these wonderful wild horses into working horses.

Kathryn Massey of the Hunter Valley Brumby Association told News Of The Area, “The trainers had three days to get to know their horses before starting on their training programs.”

The Brumby 250 Tournament sets the highest of animal welfare standards, therefore our trainers have been given 250 days to train their Brumbies during the summer.

All of the Brumbies chosen to participate in the Brumby 250 were thoroughly examined by the associations veterinarian within two weeks of the start of the competition.

The final events are set for April 2019 beginning with a Working Equitation Competition at Stroud NSW where the trainers and Brumbies will not only compete amongst themselves but also domestic horses and their riders, both national and international.

“All of our Brumbies and trainers will compete at the Stroud Show in both the led and ridden classes, finishing with a freestyle event performed to music on Saturday,” she said.

The HVBA promotes Brumbies as a breed of choice, to improve popularity and showcase the breed to individuals and interested groups.

The Brumby 250 is one way the association is showcasing how capable Brumbies can be.



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