$5.9 million in community refunds from Return and Earn facilities in NSW

Coffs Container Return on the Pacific Highway


$5.9 MILLION has been paid back in community refunds from the NSW Return and Earn partner Cash 4 Cans Bucks 4 Bottles, which has four branches across the State.

Coffs Harbour’s Cash 4 Cans Bucks 4 Bottles, known as Coffs Container Return, delivered the calculation during National Recycling Week, 8-14 November, linking the numbers nicely in with the community’s recycling efforts to deposit over 59 million containers, including cans, bottles and cartons qualifying for the NSW Government’s $0.10 cent return on recyclable bottles and cans.

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“If you stacked all the containers end to end, it would be more than enough to reach from the North to South Pole, that’s 20,480km long”, said Luke Parker, CEO at Cash 4 Cans Bucks 4 Bottles.

Coffs’s Container Returns’ Positive Environmental Impact has been calculated:

Water Saving Contribution – 350 million litres (enough to fill 140 Olympic swimming pools).

Energy Saving Contribution – 77+ million megajoules (enough to power 3,109 Australian homes/year).

Landfill Saving Contribution – 2.6 million Kilograms.

Carbon Emissions Avoided – 7.1+ million Kilograms of CO2.

“Coffs Container Return is equipped with high-speed automated counters which offer quality service and quick turnaround,” Luke told News Of The Area.

Customers can return and earn for immediate cash or use ‘Drop & Go’, a container drop off and money transfer initiative.

“Recently, we installed the fourth high-speed counters and a fancy conveyor system increasing our capacity, which means the customers processed, paid, and on the way faster than ever.

“During the customer redemption and recycling process, the material is sorted into bins.

“Glass is recycled locally within Australia.

“All other containers are further separated and baled at Cleanaway facilities for export directly to end users who reuse and recycle this material.

“Coffs Container Return is committed to environmental sustainability and supports National Recycling Week, which aims to help all Australians take waste and recycling issues into their own hands.”

Sell & Park Pty Ltd, parent company to Coffs Container Return is an industry leader in Metal Recycling Solutions within Australia.

Cash 4 Cans Bucks 4 Bottles are authorised container return sites under the NSW Return and Earn Scheme.

Four depots are located across NSW, one of which is on the Pacific Highway in Coffs Harbour.

For more information go to: https://containerreturn.com.au/.




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