600-dwelling development proposed for Stuarts Point

Interested local residents at the meeting.

STUARTS Point and District Community Organisation (SPaDCO) were invited to a morning meeting on Wednesday, 26 October with Steve Rossitter, ATX Consultant for the Allam Property Group, regarding a proposed housing development on 100ha of land located north and south of Ocean Avenue and adjacent to Grassy Head Road owned by Jag International in the Stuarts Point precinct.

Depending on DA approval, Jag International intends to sell the land to Allam Homes with a proposal of allotments comprising 50 percent development space and 50 percent conservation grounds.

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Mr Rossiter said the development would consist of 600 dwellings, housing up to 1200 people, to be constructed over approximately twelve years.

“One third consisting of 200 dwellings of manufactured homes for over 55 year old’s, of which Allam hopes to retain ownership and lease properties which will include community space, the buyer will purchase the housing structure and this life-style part of development is located south side of Ocean Avenue,” said Mr Rossiter.

“The remaining two thirds will consist of detached housing, currently zoned RU5 with a minimum 500 sq/m (Allum is seeking to reduce the size to 400 sq/m), and marketable housing with some retail.”

At the end of November/beginning of December, the first of several Public Information Sessions to be held in the Community Hall will take place.

Attending will be consultants and or reports from entities engaged in undertaking ecological studies, hydrology studies, traffic studies and flora and fauna studies.

Allam Homes Developer Manager Carmin Osbourne, an urban designer, and Stephanie Vandersielle, a planning consultant from ADW Johnson, will also attend.

“A website will be developed soon to relay info from Allum and provide opportunities for community to have a voice, and the DA is planned to be submitted to Council in mid 2023,” Mr Rossitter advised.

SPaDCO President Mary-Lou Lewis identified issues of concern at the meeting.

“How will the community benefit from this proposal?” she said, emphasising the need for an “open and transparent process”.

The following points points of concern were also identified: lack of transport facilities, the need for intergenerational housing not just for over 55s, small lot sizes, the destruction of bushland, cultural heritage destruction, roads, sewer and drainage degradation, environmental impacts of stormwater to river (no water sensitive urban design allowing water to filtrate into where it falls due to the increasing high-water table) and impacts on water quality.

Challenges relating to lifestyle impacts, traffic, loss of business with new industry, maintenance, friction and fractions within the community and the need for a comprehensive flora and fauna study were also identified.

Positives arising from potential development were also discussed, including employment and increased retail opportunities.

“We, the community, aim to strive for excellence in design, materials, cultural preservation, environmental preservation and social equality,” said Mary-Lou.

All points were discussed at length during the SPaDCO Community Meeting later that evening, with a stimulating address from Hannah Smith, a representative of Stuarts Point Ngaamba First Nations Community Organisation, who emphasised the significance of local cultural sites and the impacts that development may have.


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  1. Well written article Jen, trouble is that bybthe time we hear about them these plans have already been approved however crowd opinion ispowerful and can cause plans to be abandoned eg Scotts Head.

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