A home for vulnerable animals in Port Stephens

Kate Davies with some of the residents at Funny Farm Rescue and Sanctuary Port Stephens. Photo: Jewell Drury.

KATE and Wayne Davies bought their first home in Medowie more than eighteen years ago and are the founders and owners of Funny Farm Rescue and Sanctuary Port Stephens.

The couple are dedicated to animal welfare and care of the most vulnerable animals in our community.

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Kate Davies’ background has been in veterinary medicine for more than 20 years.

Working in five different vet clinics in Sydney and later at the Newcastle Emergency Vet Centre, Kate’s passion has been to help a multitude of sick, injured and unloved animals of Port Stephens and further afield.

Kate has rescued more than 300 animals including kangaroos, lizards, goats, sheep, Lamas, ducks, dogs and cats just to name a few.

Four Macaws were flown by a lady from WA who felt assured that only Kate would truly cherish and give the best care to the beautiful parrots.

One would expect with hundreds of animals and birds on the property that the sanctuary would be chaotic and yet the sanctuary has a ‘zen’ feel to it with all of the animals living in harmony and peace with one another, with everything at the sanctuary being well organised, clean and run to a firm routine.

“We know everything around and about each arrival and that’s why everyone gets exactly what they need medically, physically and emotionally,” Kate Davies told News Of The Area.

With Kate’s passion comes the difficulty she often faces of not being able to save every animal she is presented with.

“We can’t save the world for every one but we can save the world for one, one at a time.”

Kate does amazing work and several years ago she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and has to take a variety of immunosuppressants every day to combat the effects.

The couple often provide the animals to local schools as a community service at no charge, receiving many thank you letters from the children as their choice of recompense.

The Rescue and Sanctuary is financially supported by the Davies at a cost of more than $300 per week for the food bill alone.

Funny Farm asks for no payment for the service they provide but if you would like to support the sanctuary you can call CRT Raymond Terrace Warehouse on 49832803 and mention that you would like to donate to the food account of Funny Farm Rescue and Sanctuary, Port Stephens.

By Jewell DRURY

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