A Milestone Race on Bonville Creek: 1900th race for the Bonville Creek Kayak Club


LAST Saturday 20 March was the 1900th race conducted by the Bonville Creek Kayak Club. They have raced every Saturday afternoon since late 1983 (although they only officially incorporated in 1986).

The only time a race has not been held is when Saturday falls on Christmas Day.

During the Covid lock-down, the race format switched from face to face races to individual time trials (Faux Races) to maintain social distancing and comply with Government regulations.

The 1900th race was won by relative newcomer, Ben Hutchinson.

He finished ahead of a double kayak powered by Phil Jenkin and Kerry Bayliss, two originals from the early 1980’s.

The club’s handicapping system ensures that everybody has a chance to win. Luke Passfield, who was only in his fourth race with the club, finished third, just ahead of founding member, Mike Mackney.



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