A stellar year of sporting success for Orara High School

14 students qualified for the CHS NSW Athletics Championships. Back Row: Luke Page, Max Morgan, Nate Clouten, Robert Masapa, Aylani Clark Front Row: Ivy Howard, Shiori Hallam, Robert Kisose, Revan Dalaf and Requester Uwikunda.

ORARA High School has enjoyed a remarkable year of sports, as 35 of its students not only qualified but also competed in the State Championships, representing an impressive 14 different sports.

Notably, eight students showcased their exceptional versatility by qualifying across two or even three disciplines.
Orara High School emerged as a true powerhouse in track and field with a staggering 14 students earning well-deserved spots in the CHS NSW Athletics Championships.

These outstanding athletes secured their places by clinching either first or second positions in their respective events.

Reflecting on the accomplishments, Meggen Matthews-Frederick, a dedicated PDHPE Teacher at Orara High School and CHS Sports Organiser, expressed her elation.

“We had 24 individual nominations, this is the second highest in all schools across the North Coast region, second only to Kingscliff High School.

“This is ridiculous, many of these athletes have been training since May to achieve these results which shows outstanding dedication.

“Robert Kisose broke two North Coast records in High Jump and Long Jump and Robert Kisose, Shiori Hallam and Aylani Clark were awarded Age Champions,” said Matthews-Frederick.

The 35 Orara High School students who competed at state level:
Luke Page – Cross Country/Athletics, Shiori Hallam – Cross Country/Athletics, Harper Welsh-Nuske – Cross Country, Ivy Howard – Swimming/Cross Country/Athletics, Talon Forrest – Swimming/Cross Country/Athletics, Phoenix Dougan – Cross Country/Athletics, Tylera Rawson – Gymnastics/Swimming, Avril Mercy – Gymnastics, Charlotte Rawson – Swimming, Lara McMillan – Swimming/Softball/Cricket, Emily Host – Swimming, Andi Bailey – Swimming, Ava Martin – Swimming, Zeb King – Swimming, Max Morgan – AFL/Athletics, Ollie Gage – Touch, Peter Thang – Volleyball, Toto Sarito – Volleyball, Lincoln Wilson – Baseball, Oscar Saggus – Baseball, Ethan Randall – Softball, Zoe Edgecock – Basketball, Maddy Johnson – Netball, Dylan Wigley – Squash, Ruby Pade – Tennis, Robert Kisose – Athletics, Revan Dalaf – Athletics, Requester Uwikunda – Athletics, Robert Masapa – Athletics, Aylani Clark – Athletics, Jacka Britton – Athletics, Zali Huls – Athletics, Xavier Fittock – Athletics, Nate Clouten – Athletics.


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