Accident at Lemon Tree Passage Black Spot Bend

Paul, Ray and John with the reclaimed vehicle and a boat which ended up against the side of a house.


The notorious ‘Black Spot Bend’ in Lemon Tree Passage has claimed yet another victim with a young woman flown to the John Hunter Hospital last week.

It has also left residents on the lower side of the road shell shocked as this latest accident is just one of many which have seen vehicles fail to negotiate the bend and roll down the embankment and into their homes.

Paul, one of those affected, believes that speed cameras are the answer.

“The designated 50klm speed limit is ignored,” he said.

“Without constant electronic surveillance this will happen again and again,” he added.

Fellow residents John Wheeler and Ray Harvey agree.

“Speed is the one single factor with these accident and signs have made no difference,” John said.

“The road is busier than ever and we see permanent speed cameras as the only solution.”

Meanwhile, Councillor Steve Tucker believes that the proposed bike track link and associated roadworks will improve the situation.

‘The widening of the road to incorporate the bike track will help, “ Cr Tucker said.

“Port Stephens Council has no control over speed cameras. That’s a matter for the RTA and Police,” he said.

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