ADVERTISING FEATURE: Adult dancers wanted at Julie Ross Dance Studio

Join an adult class at the Julie Ross Dance Studio this year.

JOIN a Tap, Dancefit or Creative Seated Dance adult class with the Julie Ross Dance Studio (JRDS) and feel more invigorated, joyful and fitter than you’ve felt in years.

You will not only make new friends but gain immense health benefits too.

“Age is no barrier, you only need to have a willingness to join and perhaps a sense of adventure and fun helps as well,” said Julie Ross, dance studio principal.

“The classes teach basic techniques of dance but not in a serious way.”

Julie has been teaching dance for more than 40 years.

“It is always important to be aware of safe dance practice and have the knowledge and understanding of the body and dance technique.

“As I’ve matured as a dancer and teacher the fun, frivolity and friendship bonds formed within the group are just as important.

“I love that the group welcomes new members with open arms and will offer to practise with them.”

On Mondays, three levels of tap classes are being offered this year.

“Tap has become so popular again and participants like to start at the very beginning.”

Creative Seated Dance classes are held on a Wednesday.

“Creative Seated dance is so much fun and a bit more energetic than people expect, which can come as a nice surprise.

“Routines are choreographed to a broad range of music from classical jazz pop and musical theatre focusing on rhythms, coordination, motor skills, expression and strength.

“Parkinson’s dance members are welcome to attend and being seated makes this exercise accessible and inclusive to people with balance, disability, injuries or cognitive issues.”

Dancefit is old school jazz with a floor combination of pilates/yoga and stretching.

“It’s an aerobic dance workout with strengthening lengthening added to make you feel invigorated.

“You need a reasonable fitness level but it’s not excessive or difficult.

“It caters to mostly over 40s or younger people getting back to exercise post-babies or sedentary.”

Call or message Julie on 0402137171 to book into a class for 2024 or to make an enquiry.

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