ADVERTISING FEATURE: Hop aboard a camel this school holidays with Oakfield Ranch Camel Rides

Oakfield Ranch Camel Rides offers the chance to experience Birubi Beach in a unique way.

IF you’re looking for something really unique and memorable to do in Port Stephens, how about camel riding along beautiful Birubi Beach at Anna Bay.

Join Oakfield Ranch Camel Rides for a relaxing ride aboard a camel; they offer short 20 minute rides plus one hour rides on Saturdays.

“Watch the sun set over the majestic sand dunes of Stockton Bight as you ride by sunset on Friday or Saturday evenings – experience an ‘out of desert’ experience riding a camel,” said the Oakfield Ranch team.

Camels are called ‘the ships of the desert’ as they carry loads across the vast expanses of sand in Asia, Africa and in the past, here in outback Australia.

Enjoy making friends with your camel as you marvel at the stunning scenery.

This unique experience is sure to be a favourite amongst the whole family and a memorable part of your trip.

Visit the Oakfield Ranch Camel Rides website at for more information and FAQs.

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