ADVERTISING FEATURE: Individual treatments for complex problems at the Maitland Wellness Centre

The Maitland Wellness Centre will hear your concerns and offer tailored solutions.

“BEFORE 50 God looks after your health, after 50 it is wise to give him a hand.”

The Maitland Wellness Centre’s mission is to give you a hand by taking the time to listen to your concerns and offer you the best possible treatment for your problems.

The team’s acupuncturists bring years of experience in health care to their treatments.

Patrick Navia is a registered nurse and qualified naturopath and herbalist.

He has a special interest in complex health problems where the addition of herbs and supplements can make a big difference.

Kate Navia is also a registered nurse that brings enthusiasm and warmth to her treatments, combining acupuncture with traditional herbal formulas where appropriate.

Bjorn Mella has spent the last 35 years working with acupuncture, massage, meditation and tai chi to treat pain and stress.

He is now focusing on helping people through the major challenges that come with a serious medical diagnosis or life traumas.

Call the Maitland Wellness Centre, now with a Raymond Terrace location, to find out how the team can help you.

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