Advertising Feature: Meet Moran Stockton’s Carolyn Boyce

Carolyn Boyce and resident Philomenia (Phil) O’Sullivan.

SOMETIMES job satisfaction comes in the most unexpected places, and no one was more surprised than former butcher Carolyn Boyce.

Carolyn dipped her toe into the aged care industry when she came to work at Moran Stockton (formerly Stockton Wescott) in Housekeeping/Food Services in 2019.

Prior to this she worked as a trade qualified butcher for 25 years at Woolworths.

After taking redundancy she decided she wanted a role where she could engage with people and set her heart on studying to become a Cert III Carer.

Whilst studying she worked in housekeeping and food services, relishing time spent with residents.

“I am pretty loud and I felt that I really did make a difference to the lives of the residents I worked with,” Carolyn said.

“I found my niche in the dementia household, where we always managed to have a laugh and a joke.”

The job satisfaction she experienced came as a surprise to Carolyn; Aged Care was not an industry that she had ever considered.

She just knew she was good with the customers she met as a butcher and felt she made great connections with senior members of the community.

Being able to use these skills to benefit others seemed like a natural choice.

Later, Carolyn’s skills were put to use in the Business Support area of the Home and more recently she is using her experience and knowledge to support new residents and their families to make the move to respite and permanent care at Moran Stockton.

“In recent times we have had to look at placing our father in respite and residential care,” said Russell M.

“We have attended and inspected several aged care facilities.

“We were fortunate enough to attend your new facility at Stockton and had the pleasure of meeting Carolyn.

“It is rare to find a person of such calibre regarding her friendliness, professionalism, care and support.

“Carloyn reached out to us as if she was part of our extended family. “

“We really appreciated how she made our elderly mother feel comfortable with a decision not easily made.

“It was amazing to see Carolyn’s interaction with the residents and other staff during the tour of your facility and we felt happy with the experience.”

Carolyn says her job has been made much easier with the investment that Moran has already made in the Home.

Moran have completed the refurbishment of 18 stunning rooms in the Plover Household and have commenced a total upgrade of a further 16 rooms and staff facilities in Kingfisher Household.

“I feel that under Moran’s ownership and guidance our wonderful community of residents and staff is finally getting the love and attention it deserves.”

If you are interested in a change of career or workplace there are lots of opportunities at Moran Stockton.


Moran Stockton offers permanent and respite care in a modern homely environment. To find out more about how you can join this friendly community, call Carolyn on 02 4907 1300, visit the website or follow the Moran Aged Care Facebook page

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