Advertising Feature: Sawtell Kitchens – Small Business Values, Big Business Visions

Sawtell Kitchens have served the Coffs Coast for 39 years.


DEAN Bridgman has watched this once small family owned kitchen business of 39 years turn into a much larger business and also over the five years owning Sawtell Kitchens.

Dean’s greatest achievement is honouring their small business values of honesty, reliability and loyalty.

Over time Dean has seen family generations return as repeat clients which is a testament to the service they provide.
Sawtell Kitchens are always updating to stay on trend and ahead of the curve.

For over 25 years they have been manufacturing post form laminate benchtops in house, and now designing stunning tailor-made custom pieces of furniture with Dean’s sister company Ashton Designs.

Passionate Staff and Happy Clients

The company’s passionate staff and clients are extremely important.

Happy motivated staff transfers to the clients.

Dean’s philosophy in measuring the success of the business, is to hear how happy clients are with their product.

The company strives to make it worth the wait.

They want to be a trusted business that provides the best service available and that is why they have a team of staff I Dean trust’s and know’s will get the job done.

Kitchens are Hearts of the Home

The company loves that each client has a unique taste and they make it their mission to deliver the product their customers are dreaming of while providing a functional quality kitchen.

Having a client walk in with a kitchen dream is exciting for Sawtell Kitchens, clients want to create a kitchen but also a heart to their home.

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