Aluminium Water Bottles To Reduce Port Stephens’ Environmental Footprint

Plastic Free Board Members Jodi Frizz and Alicia Cameron with the new Port Stephens Plastic Free Water. Photo: Marian Sampson.


PLASTIC Free Port Stephens have created a product that will help all of us reduce landfill.

For those times when you forget your reusable water bottle Plastic Free Port Stephens have teamed up with Bluesky
Beverages to create Port Stephens Plastic Free Water.

Plastic Free Port Stephens founder Alicia Cameron told News Of The Area, “The bottles are reusable and recyclable and they can go in the dishwasher!”

The Port Stephens Plastic Free Water Bottles feature a stunning image of Tomaree Headland and future production runs are set to also highlight the Incredible By Nature tourism campaign which promotes Port Stephens.

Who knows these innovative fundraisers may prove to become tomorrow’s collectables all while helping the environment.

“Far more aluminium cans are recycled than plastics at the moment.”

The Port Stephens Plastic Free Water Bottles are able to be recycled at the Return and Earn but why would you?

These bottles are stylish, reusable, washable and convenient.

They are already being stocked in some businesses around the bay and the team at Plastic Free Port Stephens are hoping that all businesses that sell water bottles will take up retailing the product.

“We know that businesses like The Nelson Resort are already using the Port Stephen Plastic Free Water in some VIP packs and we hope to see these bottles in mini bars and in rooms of accommodation houses as well,” she said.

The bottles are made from 100% recycled aluminium, the introduction of these bottles will help to save 40 tonnes of plastic per year going into landfill.

10% of each bottle sold will go back into the Plastic Free Port Stephens projects which will continue to support our local environment.

Businesses can contact Plastic Free Port Stephens to order boxes of Port Stephens Plastic Free Water at




Port Stephens Plastic Free Water’s first Incredible By Nature bottle. Photo: Marian Sampson.

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