ADVERTISING FEATURE: Tailored support with Driving Miss

Driving Miss Daisy supports clients to run errands, attend medical appointments and more.

COMPANION driving service Driving Miss Daisy Nelson Bay has been providing trusted and reliable transport support for individuals in need for the past three years.

“We are family when family can’t be there,” the team said.

Driving Miss Daisy supports clients to run errands, attend medical appointments, get socially active and live their life independently and to the fullest.

While predominantly working with ageing clients or people with a disability, Driving Miss Daisy can also provide companion services to those seeking social support, a coffee at the beach or a walk to engage with their local community.

“We’ve even gone with clients on bike rides!

“We are so thankful that we can support all our clients in sustaining their independence, provide companionship and facilitate their connection to family, friends and community.”

Offering kerb-to-kerb collections and drop offs, clients can pre-book services which are individually tailored to their own unique needs.

“You book the journey and you let us know what you would like to do and how, and we do it together.
“We can pick you up from your door, or from your armchair!

“When we bring you home, we can unpack your shopping and make you a cup of tea.

“While running errands we are always happy to have a coffee with our clients and get to know them better.”

Employing eight local companion drivers, the Driving Miss Daisy team prides itself on being “friendly, compassionate and respectful”.

“Driving Miss Daisy is all about the local community.

“We are passionate about providing the highest level of service to our clients.”

Driving Miss Daisy employs eight local companion drivers.

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