Advertising feature: Toormina High School Captains 2021

VC Adam Rollans, Captain Cooper Bake-Smith, Principal paul Humphrey, VC Amy Newcombe, Captain Ellena Cheers-Flavell.


TOORMINA High School is leading the way to make meaningful opportunities for student participation and leadership as these are both central to student wellbeing, achieving academic outcomes and school excellence.

Head Teacher Wellbeing Laura McRae said that educational research has shown schools that focus on giving young people a voice enables them to succeed, thrive and contribute positively throughout their lives.

The Student Leadership Team led by school captains Ellena Cheers-Flavell, Cooper Bake-Smith and vice-captains Amy Newcombe and Adam Rollans has enabled students to participate in decision making processes at Toormina High School which have real impacts on their learning and school environment.

The team will be in charge of two portfolios focusing on student wellbeing and school community. Students will be making decisions about how some of the school finances will be used to address student and school needs.

Our leaders are a visible presence in the broader school life at Toormina High School, fostering enthusiasm and positive attitude and assisting peers and younger students to achieve their goals and maintain our positive learning environment.

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