Andrew O’Malley asking to Save the bees and host a hive

Andrew O’Malley collecting a swarm of bees


BEES are the world’s most important pollinator of food crops, with research even suggesting that one third of the food we consume daily relies on pollination by bees and other insects, birds and bats.

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Andrew O’Malley, a local qualified tradesman with a keen hobby in beekeeping, said that while the honey bee plays a key role in human wellbeing more generally, there are abnormally high death rates of colonies around the world.

“We need to do our part in being kind to the bees,” he said.

“On the Myall Coast, bees have access to forests and coastal flowers which is essential for honey production and sustainability.”

“We can help support the bees by planting more flowers, using less pesticides and even leaving fresh water out in dry weather; with a cork or floating device for them to sit on.”

Mr O’Malley has been a beekeeper for four years, and recently decided to launch a ‘hive hosting’ program, which he has seen success in for other cities and suburbs.

“I really wanted to raise awareness of the importance of bees, especially in our environment,” he said.

“We need safe spaces for the bees to live, forage and thrive, so that they can continue to do what they do best, which is pollinate and bring us some of the many things we consume daily, such as fruits, vegetables, and honey.”

There are many benefits to hive hosting, such as increased yields from fruit and vegetable crops, first-hand education on how it all works, and fresh honey come harvest time.

Those interested can contact Mr O’Malley for more information at 0407 894 874.



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