Anita Marshall, Salamander Bay, organises bras for Vanuatu


Staff of a hotel in Fiji receiving bras for women in their local area. Photo supplied by Donna Campton
Staff of a hotel in Fiji receiving bras for women in their local area. Photo supplied by Donna Campton

LOCAL Business Woman Anita Marshall, has inspired local women and beyond with her generous passion to provide bras and baby clothes to the people of Vanuatu, Fiji and the Kimberley Missions.

Port Stephens Community Arts Centre
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Ms Marshall, a Salamander Bay resident of more than 46 years, is passionate about giving back to those who are in need.

The women of Vanuatu are in desperate need of bras which cost the same amount as one month’s wage.

For this reason, it is understandable that a woman would not have a bra as her main priority.

Anita looks for people going on holidays to Vanuatu or Fiji to deliver the bras and baby clothes for her to the villagers.

“We took 300 bras on our most recent trip to Vanuatu, thanks to the donations from some very generous ladies in our area,” Ms Marshall told Bay News Of The Area.

“The response was so overwhelming, we gave them out to the ladies at our resort, ladies in restaurants and bars, at the markets and we set up a stall in one of the local villages,” Anita said.

Bras can be new or second hand, in good condition, and all sizes are greatly appreciated.

Drop off points are at Advanced Finance Solutions or at Curves, Salamander Bay.

Ms Marshall and another businessman also supply school equipment including text books for English, Maths, reading and writing materials as well as pens, paper and other resources to a teacher who educates children whose parents cannot afford the $60 per year school fees.

When Ms Marshall first met “Teacher Mary”, the only equipment Mary had to teach with was one sheet of butcher’s paper, a pencil and a rubber.

Each lesson was drawn on the paper and the teacher and students would write their answer on the paper and then rub it out for the next child to use.

It was this scene that broke Ms Marshall’s heart and compelled her to make a difference in the world.

Ten kgs of Bras were recently taken to the Kimberleys Aboriginal Mission and were also well received,

If you need anymore information contact Anita Marshall at Advance Finance Solutions, Taylors Beach on 49190478.


By Jewell DRURY

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  1. I am going to Lifou Isle of Pines Mare and Noumea on the 6th Feb I have bras, school supplies, sports equipt in back packs that I will leave as well Have you any contacts that I can go to or any ideas where to go. I thought of taking them to a local school but the lady that teaches children who cant afford school seems appropriate.
    please let me know

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