Anna Bay Angst Over Second Resort

Protestors against the newly proposed resort at Anna Bay.


TEMPERS were running high as the community of Anna Bay came out in force to let the world know that they do not want a resort on the entry to their town.

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The proposed development would sit adjacent to the current derelict resort which was never completed on Gan Gan Road at Anna Bay.

Residents have been expressing their angst over the derelict site for years and they are not prepared to revisit a resort on an adjacent site, especially when the derelict site is detracting from their town.

The broken, graffitied walls, and falling down fences at the derelict site are all far from a welcome look when arriving to visit either the township of Anna Bay or the magnificent Birubi Point and the Stockton Dunes.

This derelict site is often one of the first things our international and domestic tourists see as they arrive in Port Stephens.

Worse many locals look at it every day.

The community gathering this week was about raising awareness on the resort proposal which many believe is inconsistent with the zoning of the land.

Current zoning for the land prohibits hotels and resorts.

However, the elements of the DA are clear, the developer wants to build a 247 unit resort with bars, cafes and swimming pools.

Kate Washington told News Of The Area, “This is not an eco tourist facility that is being proposed it is a ‘full blown’ hotel resort, which is prohibited under the current zoning.”

Kate Washington believes that the DA is a resort masquerading as an eco resort facility.

“Combined with that, what this community does not want to see is history repeating itself.

“We have seen what has happened when a resort of this type has been tried, and it has failed; it has become a blight on the landscape for far too long for this beautiful community.

“We want to stop this ridiculous new proposal and we want this old development cleaned up and gone.

“The connections are still a bit murky but if there is a connection between the old resort and one of the part owners of the old resort is behind the push on the new resort ; it is entirely unconscionable that they be allowed to progress a new resort whilst they are sitting on a derelict site and not cleaning it up; it is entirely immoral,” she said.

Whilst Councillor Sarah Smith urged the community to “read the information that is available and to follow the process and submit their concerns in writing through due process.

It isn’t hard, have your opinion and have a reason and have your say,” she said.




Kate Washington with a group of local residents outside the derelict resort on Gan Gan Road Anna Bay which locals fear could be duplicated. Photo by Marian Sampson.

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