Australia’s most Prolific Songwriter Geoff Bullock a Fingal Bay resident for four decades

Geoff Bullock is happy to be known these days as “Geoff from the Island”.
Geoff Bullock is happy to be known these days as “Geoff from the Island”.

A SMALL weatherboard cottage on the corner of Marine Drive and Boulder Bay Road, Fingal Bay was the central holiday hub for the Bullock family for many decades.

Beautiful views could be seen looking directly over Fingal Bay with the family having ownership of the little cottage during the 70’s up until the sale of the home in 2005.

A duplex now stands on the site where the little cottage once stood proudly.

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Geoff Bullock has wonderful memories of the Fingal Bay home.

Fast forward to 1983 when Geoff a young Christian, became an instrumental part of the team at Hills Christian Life Centre which later became the Mega Church we know today as Hillsong, Sydney.

Geoff Bullock became one of the founders of “Hillsong’s Music Australia” from 1987 to 1995 leaving after 8 years to expand his influence in the broader Christian Church through seminars and concerts.

As one of Australia’s most prolific Praise and Worship songwriters Geoff recorded more than 20 albums which have impacted hearts all over the world.

“I feel incredibly blessed to have been given amazing opportunities through my music,” Geoff told News Of The Area.

His songs are sung and recorded by artists worldwide.

Geoff is now retired and lives on Scotland Island, a water access only island in Pittwater, NSW and visits Port Stephens regularly.

With all his notoriety, Geoff says that he  prefers to be known as “Geoff from the Island.”

He lives a peaceful life, sailing, gardening, walking and loves socialising with friends.

When asked about how he feels about his musical success, he answers quite humbly.

“It’s a funny thing, my songs are like my children,” Mr Bullock said.

“They are more well known than me, I was just privileged to be there at their birth.”

Geoff began his first career as a cameraman for the ABC.

He has since returned to those roots and enjoys the ebb and flow of creative photography.

Looking down the lens of the camera, he has captured Port Stephens beautifully and he has graciously allowed Bay News Of The Area readers a sneak peak.



By Jewell DRURY

Geoff captured this amazing shot from Gan Gan Lookout just after a storm last week.
Geoff captured this amazing shot from Gan Gan Lookout just after a storm last week.


8 thoughts on “Australia’s most Prolific Songwriter Geoff Bullock a Fingal Bay resident for four decades

  1. just happened to click on you, I’d like to thank you for the music. I saw you at narangba Baptist church when it was being renovated. You had to make do at an outdoorish part of the school next door, no walls, like you were playing underneath a carport. Anyway it was truly a blessing for me, we could hear the birds doing harmony. I absolutely loved it & your testimony was very real, very honest and many more needed to hear it. I considered myself very fortunate to have seen you play live. I’d sung all those songs in churches before I saw you. All the best for your retirement and I hope God’s giving you alot of reasons to smile every day.

  2. Thankyou for the music. Still love singing your songs. Was privileged to meet you and hear your performance and testimony in Ballarat’s York St Church some years ago. I pray that God blesses you and speaks into this different stage of your life.

  3. Hi Geoff. Thank you for all you gave to Christian music. I am blessed. I think of your music whenever I see a music certification award that you gifted to a friend of mine. Keep running the race with passion and determination, before all the great witnesses! Bless you. Dee

  4. Hi, how do I contact you to ask about using the power of Your love at our church every l ever which will be hosted on YouTube on the day and its week be on there afterwards until 01st July 2021, only people with link will be able to access it, thank you

  5. Hi Geoff
    Years ago my school sang the song by you titled Lullaby
    I have the words but would love the music
    Can you help please

  6. Hi Geoff, this will sound like a strange request. I have enjoyed your music for many years and pray for your continued health. This past weekend I was staying with dear friends at Bayview, Doug and Jan Wheeler. Although I saw you at the local cafe at Church Point, I didn’t know it was you. Anyway, I was wanting to get hold of your CD/DVD called “Power of your Love” to give to Doug and Jan. Could you tell me how I can do this?
    Christian regards to you,
    Petr Gaffney. 0417652234. 27th June,2022.

  7. Dear Geoff . Still playing your music. It is ministering to me as I grieve the death of my beloved daughter . Its focusing me on Jesus and the wonder of His love allowing me to rest in Him. Bless you .

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