Author Joanna Atherfold Finn Talks About the Book Plastic Free at Tomaree Library

Joanna Atherfold Finn at the Marina in Nelson Bay. Photo by Marian Sampson.


PORT Stephens author Joanna Atherfold Finn’s most recent work has generated plenty of interest.

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The book Plastic Free traces the growth of a movement which has been embraced by many.

Finn co-wrote the book with Plastic Free July founder Rebecca Prince-Ruiz.

Now Finn will be in the spotlight at two upcoming events at Tomaree Community Library.

Both authors will be speaking about the book and environmental movement during an online virtual event on Thursday 20 August followed by an in-person event on Wednesday 16 September at Tomaree Library.

While Finn is more comfortable wielding her pen as a sword, she speaks passionately about the people she encountered on the journey of writing the book.

Joanna Atherford Finn told News Of The Area, “Between my journey of undertaking Plastic Free July and my husband Greg working on the salvage of plastic waste from the YM Efficiency shipping container spill, it just seemed that there was a convergence of events that made the opportunity of working on this book right.”

For many seeing the plastic waste washed up on Port Stephens beaches was a catalyst to change buying behaviours.

“At the same time plastic bags in supermarkets were banned, but they were issuing plastic toys, in plastic bags as promotional items, all of these things frustrated me.”

Ms Finn recounts stories of people in developing nations dealing with water contamination and still managing to undertake the Plastic Free July Challenge.

Her belief is that if those in developing countries can make a difference with all the added challenges they face, why can’t we do that here.

“The first time you go to the shops, with the mindset of ‘I am not going to buy anything plastic’, it is a real challenge.”

“But we can prepare and it does get easier,” Ms Finn said.

Supermarkets are also changing to meet consumer demand for more sustainable promotional items with seeds and books recently replacing throw away plastic items.

You can hear first hand how Joanna Finn and her family have made a difference in their household and the wonderful transformational stories that she and Prince-Ruiz share in their book at this local event.



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