Bellingen Mayor Dominic King Says Experience Is Essential In Difficult Times

The Bellingen Greens team.


“WE need experienced councillors to guide Bellingen Shire through post-COVID-19 and dealing with the impacts of climate change,” said Bellingen Shire Mayor Dominic King.

Cr King told News Of The Area, “If you haven’t been on Council before, the short term for the next Council makes it very difficult to understand the processes and constraints of local government.”

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He said that as well as the basic business of local government, advocacy beyond the Council is important.

For example, Cr King said that being on the Board of Local Government NSW helped the Council with funding applications.

He discussed how the challenges of natural disasters and COVID-19 involved the Council dealing with things that previously were not Council’s responsibility.

For example, during the bushfires, it was found that information about what to do and where to go was sporadic.

Cr King said, “We set up the Neighbourhood Care Network to ensure that everyone is connected and safe throughout the Shire.”

He said that the Council won the AJ Blewitt Award for the most progressive council in 2020 because of its proactive approach to issues.

Cr King said the Council has a strategic plan to address the infrastructure backlog which, along with social housing and the impacts of climate change is one of the Shire’s pressing issues.

He said that everyone associated with the Council is working hard for the community.

“I absolutely take my hat off to Council staff who continue to deliver the services and do the work that the community expects through tough times,” he said.

Cr King is standing for re-election with fellow Greens Cr Jennie Fenton (Deputy Mayor) and Cr Toni Wright-Turner, along with a new candidate, Gary Fry.

They point to their record of achievement in not only maintaining roads, bridges and essential infrastructure, but also in environmental protection and improving social equity for a sustainable future.


By Andrew VIVIAN

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