Bill Doran, Independent candidate for the seat of Port Stephens view on Fake Facebook



Dear News Of The Area,

I’M pleased to see this finally come to light however, I feel a single apology doesn’t go far enough.

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I was also a victim of this unpleasant individuals activities. I’m an Independent also running for this seat and not just trolled by this person (or at least two of his alter-egos, Rhys Byrnes and Barb Hitchcock) I was subject to downright “Cyber Bullying” by him.

Tasman Brown’s action are those of an immature, vexatious, win at all costs personality. When you combine his actions with those of the Premiere’s obstinate stance on the Stadium’s, one is left to wonder at the Coalitions internal values and culture.

I have received no public apology from Jaimie Abbott and I believe that the attitude of the Coalition, the media and the other major parties (to a lesser extent) is one of “The little bloke” doesn’t matter.

Personally, I believe Tasman Brown should be subjected to legal action under “Dolly’s Law” to show the public that the trolling and cyber-bulling law, passed on 22 November 2018, is more than shelf ware and applies to all levels of society.

Bill Doran,
Independent candidate for the seat of Port Stephens.

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