Boomerang poem by Helen Yates from Tea Gardens

Boomerang by Helen Yates.


Dear News Of The Area,

Continuing on the Myall U3A theme of love, a poem “BOOMERANG”.

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I wanna marry an Aussie bloke when I get hitched again,
I’ll hunt him down like a kangaroo and I’ll throw me boomerang,
I’ll hide behind the bushes to see if I’ve a catch,
And if he’s on the ground mate, I got the perfect match.

I’ll have to knock him brainless, so he knows just who’s the boss,
And stuff him in me dilly bag and check out what I’ve got.
A blondie headed surfie or a tan skinned jackaroo,
Maybe a true blue curly who plays the didgeridoo.

I don’t care as long’s he’s mine and in his place he’ll stay
Cause I’ve always got me boomerang if he decides to stray.
So if you’re on the make, mate, be watching from behind
And if ya hear a whirring sound, RUN! Or you’ll be mine.

I’ll be hiding in the bushes just like I said I’d be
And you’ll be on the ground mate, or up the nearest tree.

Helen Yates

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