Bravo Zulu a new book released tells about the Royal Australian Navy

Bravo Zulu by Ian Pfennigwerth launched by Chief of Navy, Admiral Michael Noonan.
Bravo Zulu by Ian Pfennigwerth launched by Chief of Navy, Admiral Michael Noonan.


AWARD winning author and historian, Ian Pfennigwerth, who is local to Port Stephens has released his latest book.

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Detailing the history of the Royal Australian Navy the book provides detailed and expert account.

Bravo Zulu: Honours and Awards to Australian Naval People Volume 2 was launched by Chief of Navy, Admiral Michael Noonan.

The book is a delight for Australian maritime enthusiasts and Navy historians alike as it includes the stories of people and families involved in the Navy, telling it from their personal perspectives.

Dr Pfennigwerth graduated from the University of Newcastle in 2005 with a PhD and has written extensively on Australian naval history.

Dr Pfennigwerth told News Of The Area, “Now, in two volumes, Australians have a record of the trials, tribulations and triumphs of their navy in 115 years of service to the nation.”

“I have been working on this project for nine years, having published volume 1 in 2016.”

“It is illustrated through the individual accounts of those naval men and women who received imperial, Australian and foreign honours and awards for their service, gallantry or bravery.”

“The book contains the stories behind the honours and awards of naval people from June 1975 to December 2014.”

Dr Pfennigwerth knows what he is writing about, having joined the Navy in 1958.

Leaving the Navy in 1992, his extensive 34-year career included, amongst many more experiences, serving in minesweepers, frigates and destroyers, in the carrier Melbourne, and as a staff officer.

He served two tours in Malaysia during the Indonesian Confrontation of the 1960s, and then trained in the UK as a communications specialist.

He served three years on the Naval Attaché’s staff in Washington DC in 1974 to 1977.

Dr Pfennigwerth served on the staff of the Fleet Commander until promoted Commander in 1978, he then joined the Secretariat in Canberra charged with developing the Australian Defence Force Academy.

Ian served in the Navy Office as Director of Electronic Warfare and later took command of the guided missile destroyer Perth.

Bravo Zulu Volume 2 details the role of the Navy in the 1991 Gulf War, the 1999-2000 UN operation bringing peace to East Timor, the UN sanctions on Iraq, the 2003 Iraq war and the continuing service of naval people in Iraq and Afghanistan, ashore and afloat, until 2014.

In a statement released to launch the book, it tells the “moving stories of the efforts to safeguard illegal immigrants intercepted at sea illustrate the Navy’s contribution to Australia’s border security, and naval support for peacekeeping in the South Pacific region.”

For more information about the author and to order a copy of the book, visit Dr Pfennigwerth’s website at 


By Heather SHARP


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