Bridge is playing in support of Alzheimer’s and dementia research

Did you know that people in Tea Gardens are using their brain power to fight dementia this week?

During the first week of May, bridge players from Hawks Nest Bridge Club have been using their brains to raise vital funds for Alzheimer’s and dementia research.

The Bridge for Brain Research Challenge, is a national event in support of research at NeuRA (Neuroscience Research Australia), one of the nation’s leading medical research institutes.

“Australians are big believers in the power of ‘use it or lose it’,” said Professor Peter Schofield, Executive Director of NeuRA.

“Bridge is one of those activities that keeps the mind active,” he said.

“We are encouraging all Bridge players around Australia – young, old, experienced players and novices to take part in our challenge and help us find cures for diseases and disorders of the brain,” said Professor Schofield.

At the same time, players are helping prevent dementia by keeping their own brains fit and active.

The Hawks Nest Bridge Club has 10 players over the age of 80 years playing.

Funds raised will support NeuRA researchers that are working on improving early diagnosis of dementia and developing treatments to prevent the disease altogether.

For more information about Hawks Nest Bridge Club or learning to play bridge please contact Trish Gratwick on 4997 9395 or email

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