Bulahdelah is busy as a tourist desination

Holidaying for the Festive period is well and truly in flight at Bulahdelah.Busy Bulahdelah

There has been an increase of traffic on the Pacific Highway and the area has seen an increase of customers, mainly consisting of holidaymakers.

Bulahdelah seems to be becoming a shopping hub for those travellers who are making their way north or south along the Pacific Highway but many visitors are also coming from camping spots around the Great Lakes and the National Parks in the area.

“Stroud Street has had its parking spots constantly full throughout the business day and many cars with their caravans and camper trailers have been parked around Wade Park.”

“The Bulahdelah Chamber of Commerce is very happy to see the number of visitors who are coming through,” said Dave Saul.

Most businesses on Stroud Street have reported a steady flow of business which began a week before Christmas Day and is expected to continue throughout January.

The Lions Park was noticeably empty though as holidaymakers made their way to set up camp at their Christmas Day destinations.



Deputy Mayor, Great Lakes Council

The old village of Bulahdelah with constant trafficking rushing through town is definitely no more.

Not only are there many visitors who are making Bulahdelah a must stop destination but also the highway travelling public are also calling in.
The caravanners in the Lions Park, as you enter Bulahdelah from the south, is a sight to behold. It has become an attraction not only for the grey nomads but people are now unloading houseboats there to take advantage of the magnificent Myall waterways.
Who would have expected that when the Bypass was being built?
Is Bulahdelah becoming a rural ‘”Riviera”?


3 thoughts on “Bulahdelah is busy as a tourist desination

  1. Many years ago we were in the habit of camping at the Golf Club, but when the roadworks made that difficult and noisy, we moved on. This winter we will look forward to using the Lions Park, and again stopping.

    1. You can still camp at the Bulahdelah Golf Club (now that the highway is finished) and also the Bulahdelah Bowling Club. Both welcome caravans and campervans and are more than happy to assist travellers any way they can. Call in to the Visitor Information Centre (VIC) in Crawford St for all the details about camping and facilities available in Bulahdelah. If you can, drop a coin in the tin on the counter as the VIC is run by volunteers.

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