Bushland reserve or two small units?

DEAR News of the Area,

PRECIOUS Valla Beach Community Land at 99-101 Ocean View Drive is now destined to become two small house blocks and a laneway for access to the bushland reserve following the Council meeting on Thursday night.

Despite community members present with placards and heartfelt representations to the Councillors, only two voted to oppose this destructive development.

Regardless of the broad community opposition during the past nine months, the 700-plus-signatures petition, the 20 speakers against the development and numerous submissions which were all opposed, the Council voted 5 to 2, to reclassify the land to ‘operational’ and sell it off to a developer.

Where will our local mob of kangaroos go now?

They use this corridor every day.

That corridor will now have a big blockage for the animals.

What about the echidnas and goannas that pass through?

What of the nesting birds including the vulnerable Glossy Black Cockatoo?

What about the global need to save any bit of greenspace we have?

It seems that the pattern is set.

Look out if you have community land near you.

It is going to be the next land the Council wants to sell off.

Keep an eye on Lot 8, Valla Beach Rd. A small part will be developed for the Alithia Learning project but the Council wants the rest!

“They only see the dollars; it’s a short-term gain! Gone is gone forever, this Community Land” from ‘Something Stinks’ song.

Shame Nambucca Valley Council.

Shame! You are out of step with the local and wider community and the global movement to save our planet!


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