Catherine MacAuley Catholic College Welcomes Students on First Day

Principal Scott Donohoe addressing staff and students


IT was with the ringing of bells, cleansing ceremonial smoke and the benevolent smile of its patron’s statue that a new school opened its doors.

Catherine MacAuley Catholic College was at last able to welcome the first of its students on Wednesday.

The 180 year seven students and 90 year eight students will be the first to learn at the state-of-the-art campus.

Schools are usually old places where new students try to fit in with.

CMCC however is shiny and new.

The simple message of its staff on that first day was ‘Welcome home.’

During his opening address, Principal Scott Donohoe said that he wished all students to know that they genuinely belonged there.

He reminded them that they will always be remembered as the first students of the school.

He talked about their values and his hopes for the school over the next several years.

“Our college values are like our soul.

“These college values are important to who we are as a Catholic community and are the compass, or more specifically, the True North, that will guide us in day to day life,” he said.

The school’s values include courage, hospitality, compassion and faith in action.

With grounds that encompass indoor and outdoor learning areas, science labs and Wi-Fi, it won’t just be the welcome that brings more students into the school.

The hope will be that with the passionate staff and comprehensive facilities these students will find their time at the college fulfilling and successful.

It will be some time however before we see the results of their care and labour.

It is anticipated that the full cohort of years 7-12 will be attending the school by the year 2025.



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