Club Lemon Tree generously donates to COPSY

Geoffrey Basser, Vice President COPSY, with Kevin Colman, President of Club Lemon Tree, and Paul Pearton, Manager of Jupiter.


CLUB Lemon Tree recently donated $5000 towards a COPSY (Caring for Our Port Stephen’s Youth) Jupiter Australia centre opening in the area.

Club President, Kevin Colman, told News Of The Area, “It (The Jupiter Centre) is something that the club is incredibly passionate about.

“We’ve had a few services like this in the area to support local youth, but nothing ongoing.”

With no facility in the Port Stephens area, local youth who were struggling would have to travel to either Maitland or Newcastle to get adequate support.

The Jupiter Centre will provide a space for youth and their families if needed to talk with local counsellors, providing ongoing support to all.

The centre will be open five days a week and free to use.

The number of referrals from on the Tilligerry Peninsula during the past twelve months, according to local medical practitioners, have increased by over 60%, making a centre like this incredibly important.

“With the way society is these days, youth are struggling more than in the past and COVID-19 certainly didn’t help.

“Whilst we’re only 40km out of Newcastle, we are somewhat isolated, which makes dealing with mental health even harder,” said Kevin.

Club Lemon Tree’s donation is one of many, with the community banding together to support this centre.

Former Port Stephens mayor Bruce MacKenzie has donated a shop in the local centre for two years free of charge, and due to the support of the Lions Club, as well as Club Lemon Tree, the shop has been fit out with two soundproof counselling rooms.

Kevin told News Of The Area, “As well as giving monetary donations, everyone involved has donated extensive amounts of time and labour to help ensure that the centre can be ready to go as quickly as possible.”

The centre will be opening mid-February, with more information on the Jupiter Australia website or Facebook Page.



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