Celebrating Our Carers and their contribution to Community

Petra Offen, Tracy Elem (Co-ordinator), Lacie-Harper Rundle, Ruby The Clown and London Rundle.
Petra Offen, Tracy Elem (Co-ordinator), Lacie-Harper Rundle, Ruby The Clown and London Rundle.

Carers, both paid and unpaid, do an amazing job for people in our community every day.

The 16-22nd October was Carers Week, celebrating the 2.8million unsung heroes who give their love and time every day,
“Carers make an enormous contribution to our communities as well as our national economy – Should all carers decide to stop performing their caring role, it would cost the country $60.3 billion per year to replace those supports – that’s over $1 billion per week,” according to Carers Australia.

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The Gan Gan Centre, located on the grounds of Anna Bay Public School, is the home of the MyTime group.

MyTime groups provide support for parents, grandparents and anyone caring for a child with a disability or chronic medical condition.

You can bring your children or attend on your own.

To celebrate, this year saw an exciting appearance by the very funny, award-winning, Ruby the Clown.
Ruby entertained with Laughter Therapy, a balloon fight and some cracking jokes.

Carers were able to take a much needed rest and to laugh – one of the best therapies.

Michelle, a local carer told News Of The Area, “MyTime for me is about downtime – It’s being able to talk to others and get advice.”

There is an experienced Play Worker, Petra Offen, on hand at MyTime to help keep your little ones busy.

MyTime operates in every state in Australia, and is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.
Another local Carer, Natalie, told News Of The Area, “It’s a great little group to go to – Just to talk to other parents that understand where you’re coming from and to have a laugh too.”

Tracy Ellem (Group Co-ordinator) can be contacted on 0410 476128 or woodberrymt@playgroupnsw.org.au


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