Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Yolande, Johan, Brandon and Dylan Kruger, a South African family who now call Australia, and Medowie, home.
Yolande, Johan, Brandon and Dylan Kruger, a South African family who now call Australia, and Medowie, home.

The cleverly created ‘Lamb ads’ that are released every year close to Australia Day always manage to share a poignant, thought-provoking message.

They are filled with familiar faces from Australian Film and Television, and encourage us to think outside the box as we celebrate the day our nation marks as Australia Day.

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This year’s ad gave us a timely reminder that we are a nation formed on the experiences of immigrants coming to our country by boat.

The debate of Australia Day and the date it falls on will continue as long as the date remains the same, given it is a date that marks dispossession for Indigenous people.

It is important to acknowledge the rich and incredibly diverse cultural history of our country, and use this time to embrace the positive experiences we can have as a result.

Medowie is slowly forming a rich cultural network of families from all over the globe, who are able to bring with them their own experiences, traditions and customs, and integrate them into a new world of experiences.

We have a strong network of Indigenous Australians whose ancestors inhabited this land long before European settlement in the area, and whose connection to culture and tribal areas of significance is strong.

We are now a melting-pot of nationalities including Italian, Chinese, French, South African, American, British, German and Greek families, to name a few.

One such family is the Kruger Family, who migrated from South Africa in 2011, and now call Medowie home.

The mother of the Kruger Family, Yolande, told News Of The Area, “We love this country, its people and rich heritage and culture.”

“We enjoy the great Aussie lifestyle, beautiful surroundings and beaches.”

“Australia provides us with so many opportunities where we can contribute positively to the economy, community and country and know that our children have a great future ahead of them,” she said.

Australia Day is an occasion where, regardless of individual backgrounds, people can celebrate the diversity that makes our country unique.

By Rachael VAUGHAN

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