Century 21 real estate sponsors new tool for Tea Gardens Men’s Shed

Century 21’s Ivy Stevenson with Men’s Shed President John Adkins.

THE MEN’S Shed at Tea Gardens has received a cutting-edge technology upgrade, thanks to a sponsorship from Century 21 Real Estate in Tea Gardens, together purchasing a new diode laser engraving tool.

“Ivy Stevenson contacted us from Century 21, asking us to engrave some cheese boards for their housewarming gift sets, but we lacked the precision tools to do the job properly,” Men’s Shed President Jon Adkins told NOTA.

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“In the past, we used handheld routers or saws to cut out designs, and decided that a laser would be needed.

“Century 21 agreed to pay half the cost after we located a kit that we could assemble and calibrate ourselves, we wangled a discount out of the supplier, and the Shed paid the rest.”

The new tool opens up more prospects for the Men’s Shed, as it can also handle engraving, embossing, fine cutting of timber, and other precision work.

“It is very precise and accurate, it can handle text at four-point size, and the included software is programmable,” John added.

Century 21’s Ivy Stevenson told News Of The Area, “Bryan and I think the Men’s Shed is amazing; it provides a space for men to get together and do their thing.

“I must say, when visiting I was impressed with the size, the layout and the overall appearance, and the camaraderie – the men get together and they make, repair, create, and have a great time.”

“The Men ‘s Shed is a great part of the fabric of Tea Gardens, such a vital space for men to socialise, and great for general health and wellbeing, mental health in particular.”

“The Men’s Shed has made cheese boards for us and we were happy to help them with the cost of the laser engraving machine.”

The Men’s Shed is open to all men of all ages and is located in the Tea Gardens Industrial Estate, open 8:30am-12pm, Monday to Thursday.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

The new tool in action engraving the logo on a cheeseboard handle.

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