Coffs Harbour Golf Club

Heather Watkin, Richard Leeson, Lyndsay Smith.

RAINBOW Day – Coffs Harbour Golf Club – Wednesday 24th January 2024

Rainbow Day is the Coffs Harbour Golf Club Lady Golfers Annual Memorial Day to remember great friends and family who are deeply missed and truly treasured always!

It is a wonderful day of remembering and sharing together and the ladies are encouraged to dress in their brightest colours of the rainbow.

The day is thanks to Richard Leeson, proud sponsor of the day whose late wife Sharon, was a much loved and missed Wednesday golfer.

Much fun was had, with many happy memories shared.

Results –
1st – Lyndsay Smith & Heather Watkins 46
2nd – Maria Sanford & Wendy Johnstone 44
3rd – Margot Gook & Jan Kirk 43
4th – Karen Brown & Jo Schuhmann 43
5th – Maureen Warnock & Jan Hickey
6th – Clare Judd & Shireen Miller

Coffs Harbour Golf Club Lady Golfers representing rainbow day.

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