Coffs Harbour Greens Release Affordable Housing Plan

Greens candidate Tony Nott wants Council to improve its role in housing. Photo: supplied by Coffs Harbour Greens.


AFFORDABLE housing is a pressing issue on the Coffs coast and the Coffs Harbour Greens have released a proposal to assist with the local homelessness and housing crisis.

The Greens acknowledge the difficulty and complexity of the housing situation but say there is an urgent need for leadership at the local level.

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Coffs Harbour Greens candidate in the upcoming council elections, Timothy Nott, said, “With housing prices on the Coffs Coast increasing by 22.7% since March 2020, our community faces several immediate and longer-term challenges.

“Our strategy focuses on a 3-step plan and includes real affordable housing solutions that aims to prevent long term homelessness.”

The Coffs Harbour Greens Housing Strategy takes a range of issues into account, including planning to get homeless people into longer term housing as soon as possible.

Other issues are public housing resourcing and the impact of climate change on homelessness and the wider community.

The Greens say their policies are underpinned by fairness and equity and that housing costs are a major driver in increasing the wealth gap and community discontent.

Mr Nott said, “We want more affordable homes to rent and buy, such as smaller sites, community titles, and a granny flat expansion program.

“We believe the impacts of the changing climate on housing have been seriously underestimated and we are becoming less able to protect jobs and home ownership.

“We expect the Hospital, town centre, Park Beach shopping precinct, industrial land, roads, train line and the airport to all be impacted by future flooding and coastal inundation,” he continued.

The Greens’ plan considers that Coffs Harbour’s CBD requires ongoing resilience planning to mitigate extreme weather.

Mr Nott said, “The question we’re asking is what will Coffs be like in 100 years and why are Council continuing to approve development, seemingly without regard to the evidence?”

“The best thing we can do is plan and prepare to protect the most vulnerable,” he said.


By Andrew VIVIAN

One thought on “Coffs Harbour Greens Release Affordable Housing Plan

  1. Hi. I would like to discuss my proposal for a homeless shelter in Coffs Harbour with Tony Nott as in the Coffs region the prediction is that homelessness has increased by 30.1%, which is 704 homeless people in total. I have a solution that has been successfully trualed in Bathurst in 2018 -2019 where I did some volunteer work for a short time.

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