Coffs Harbour junior Oztag teams take on state’s finest

The Coffs Coast Cavaliers 14s girls team.

COFFS Harbour’s junior Oztag teams have proudly represented their region at the NSW State Junior Championships in Coffs Harbour.

The Coffs Coast Cavaliers teams took on the best junior sides from across NSW in the annual festival of Oztag at the Ce.x Coffs International Stadium and surrounding fields.

The Coffs Coast Cavaliers 14s girls were one of five local teams to take part in this year’s NSW State Championships.

Facing the tough challenge of taking on the state’s finest young sides, Cavaliers coach Peter Green shared the guidance he gave to his players.

“Trust each other, as you can’t win individually but you can as a team,” he said.

“Just to believe in themselves and be positive.

“Focus on their own game, rather than the score, and just keep our heads up.”

The Cavaliers coach said it was a great learning experience playing against the best of the best.

“You learn from each game, and learn what needs to be done,” he said.

“Trying to get the fundamentals right, holding the ball, no mistakes, completing our sets.

“You take the positives out of each match, rather than just the loss, and you get better each game.”

Aylani Clark captained her Cavaliers team, and found the State Championships a much tougher proposition than the regular Coffs competition.

“The other teams all play well together as a team, and the speed of the game is a lot quicker,” she said.

“The way they talk together and communicate, everyone is on the same page.

“They constantly attack you which is hard to defend.”


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