Coffs Harbour Neighbourhood Centre AGM

Roger Horton is Coffs Harbour Neighbourhood Centre’s outgoing Chairperson.

COFFS Harbour Neighbourhood Centre (CHNC) will thank community members and services across Coffs Harbour for getting behind their community on Friday, 4 November at their Annual General Meeting.

“As part of the AGM, we welcome expressions of interest for people who may be keen on joining our Board of Management,” said Di Woods, Manager of Coffs Harbour Neighbourhood Centre.

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“We are passionate that our leadership should reflect that of our community, with a diverse array of skills, backgrounds and ages.

“By embracing difference and diversity we ensure that the work we do represents our community and can adapt to meet emerging local needs.”

The community is welcome to attend the AGM, to understand the work of CHNC and to celebrate what they have achieved this year.

“We are thankful every day and feel fortunate to live in a community that lives its values and doesn’t just talk about them,” said Di Woods.

The umbrella organisation supports the Neighbourhood Centre and its numerous programs, The Volunteer Resource Centre and the Community Visitor program which helps isolated seniors stay connected.

“Our team has provided over 23,000 occasions of support over the past twelve months.

“Unfortunately core funding for some of our services has been cut.”

While funding to support local charity services with local volunteers has not been forthcoming for over eighteen months, CHNC has continued to provide this service.

“We know how crucial our services are to meeting the needs of our community and they are also an amazing way to keep our community connecting and working together.

“It seems quite unfathomable that funding for these programs has been pulled from local communities, with the assumption that local regional communities prefer to seek volunteering through a Sydney based service that knows nothing about our local organisations and their needs,” said Di.

CHNC relies solely on donations to provide food, such as pantry items and personal care, to people who are in crisis.

“Every day we see families struggling with the choice between keeping a roof over their head, paying bills, or buying food.”

It is through the generosity of the local community members, local services and local volunteers that the Neighbourhood Centre’s doors are kept open and crucial support is provided.

“While it would be lovely to have further core funding, living and working in an environment where you see care, support and literally random acts of kindness every day is a joy,” said Di.

She cites examples such as appreciating and noticing the small things, like someone who has nothing leaning over to help someone else struggling to do something on the computer and having people offer to carry groceries to the car if someone is juggling a child.

“Our service is supported by few staff and over 55 volunteers who do roles from reception, food and financial support, homework and art programs, and support groups.

“We appreciate that none of our volunteers need to be there; each chooses to be, each sharing our values in contributing to the work they give.

Register here to attend the CHNC AGM at

If you wish to express interest in being part of the Board, please contact Roger Horton at


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