Coffs Harbour photographer captures the microscopic beauty of Myxomycetes

Steve Young, author and photographer for his book, Myxos and Musings.

PHOTOGRAPHER Steve Young has published a book capturing the microscopic beauty of Myxomycetes, commonly known as slime moulds.

The soft-cover book, titled Myxos and Musings, unveils a captivating exploration of these organisms through stunning photographs, giving readers an intimate glimpse into the mysterious and often overlooked realm of slime moulds.

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Author Steve Young, a resident of Coffs Harbour, has dedicated his retirement from commercial photography to unravelling the complexities of supermacro photography.

“I have been preoccupied with Myxos now for seven years and first found them growing up in the forests above Coffs Harbour,” Steve told News Of The Area.

“I became totally fascinated by their extensive range of bright colours and in some species their stunning metallic sheen.”

He realised their tiny size would go unnoticed by most people and has been determined to develop skills to photograph them for everyone to be able to appreciate their beauty.

As he delves deeper into their world, he is continually amazed at the extent of their diversity.

This is particularly significant with his research work in SW QLD where he is finding fruiting bodies that are a mere 80 to 100 microns (0.1mm) in size.

“It is the magic of being able to share this world through the pages of the book that excites me the most,” he said.

Apart from his photographic endeavours, Steve invests his volunteer time at the Eromanga Natural History Museum, contributing to micro-fossil discovery and photography.

This year he also is undertaking an ambitious research project in Eromanga South West QLD exploring the presence of Myxomycetes in this arid Australian environment, adding valuable knowledge to this little-understood field.

Steve Young’s remarkable photography has garnered recognition in publications and specialist books worldwide, earning him a place among notable experts.

Myxos and Musings is an A5-sized book showcasing 64 full-colour double-page images of Myxomycetes fruiting bodies.

Accompanying each image are thought-provoking musings, offering readers a deeper understanding of the fascinating world of Myxomycetes.

Within the book’s 140 pages, Steve Young shares insights into his photographic techniques, making it an invaluable resource for both photography enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

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