Coffs Harbour to host PHOENIX+ RISE Interclub Community Cup 2021

RISE Coffs Harbour is organising a football tournament.


RISE Coffs Harbour is organising the inaugural PHOENIX+RISE Interclub Community Cup 2021 on 11 December at Coffs Harbour International Stadium, Hockey Fields.

The cup will feature ages from under 7s up to open grades.

Over 200 children are expected to play during the day.

The day is replacing the RISE tournament originally scheduled earlier in the year but postponed because of Covid-19.

RISE coach Phil McMullen explained it’s about giving everyone a game.

“We established a relationship with Western Phoenix FC who are a development club from Telegraph Point who liked what RISE is about, so they wanted to play us.

“The Community Cup is a football duel winner takes all bragging rights between RISE Coffs Harbour and Western Phoenix of Telegraph Point.

“The benefit to the community is we are representing our cultural mix and equal opportunity to play football as RISE is free.

“RISE is open to anyone.

“Memberships are available to RISE Coffs Harbour and are overseen by a committee like other associations.

“Covid over the past two years has limited football opportunities so we have done everything we can to give the kids a game and make this day happen.

“We are excited about our new partnership with Western Phoenix and expect the day to grow over many years to come.

“We’d like the community to know we are also seeking sponsors for 2022 to keep this great organisation going,” said Phil.

Games commence at 8:00am and run through into the late afternoon on Saturday 11 December.



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