Col Nicholson, Hawks Nest shows exposed Sand Transfer pipes at Hawks Nest

Taken on 9th April – Exposed pipes.


Dear News Of The Area

AS a frequent beach walker I was interested to see the work Council has done to cover the Sand Transfer System pipe and restore the pump station access road following recent erosion.

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I never feared for my safety and the sight of the exposed pipe didn’t offend me but I was concerned that Council’s remedial work might be undone by further erosion at this unstable site.

So it has proved.

Only a week after the work was completed, a series of 1.9 metre high tides has removed a substantial volume of the material put in place by Council and has undermined and once again exposed the STS pipe.

The erosion is continuing. A second restoration project will be required.

I sympathise with Council but perhaps they would have been better served by simply disconnecting the short, troublesome section of pipe, dragging it to the adjacent stable dune area, then reconnecting the pipe and repairing the access road in a single operation just before the next pumping program commences.

The photos were taken on 9th April.

They show the extent of the erosion which has occurred since the last report in the News Of The Area.

Col Nicholson
Hawks Nest


Taken on 9th April – Exposed pipes.

2 thoughts on “Col Nicholson, Hawks Nest shows exposed Sand Transfer pipes at Hawks Nest

  1. So what is the total cost so far? $20 million? $30 million over the last 2 decades propping up a handful of homes owned by multi milionaires. No water or sewer for Pindimar or Bundabah.
    Is this the most inept / corrupt local council in Australia?
    Good thing they have those millions of RU2 land rates to waste.

  2. Yes I agree. There are so many sections where the massive pipe junction is exposed. Also the track to the sand transfer station that has really unsightly green silt fencing that is deteriorating and useless for silt retention. Council are really indifferent to this situation of their own creation. Very sad. Such an eyesore!!!

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