Come and try Pistol Shooting at Coffs Harbour Pistol Club

The club offers a ‘New Member’ day on the first Sunday of the month.


Coffs Harbour Pistol Club at Mount Browne Road, Karangi was established 50 years ago with thirteen members.

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The current club membership is close to eighty.

Over the years the Pistol Club has produced some excellent shooters, with some being in the NSW State Squad at one time.

Pistol shooting is a popular shooting sport for women and juniors worldwide, the reason for less participation locally from these sectors is partly due to the misunderstanding of the sport.

We are looking to attract more women, juniors and families from the local community into this sport.

We have women, junior and multiple husband and wife teams included in our membership at present. Our member’s age range from 16 to 90.

There are grandmothers, grandfathers, brothers, sisters, fathers and sons all enjoying being able to participate in the same sport.

Pistol shooting is a safe, friendly and rewarding environment, with particular emphasis on safety.

Any person from the age of 12 onward, providing they have undergone supervised club training and have complied with the stringent Club and NSW Police Safety and Firearms Regulations may obtain a Junior Permit or Adult Probationary Pistol Licence to start.

Coffs Harbour Pistol Club is affiliated with Pistol Australia, who are the premier target pistol organisation that field pistol teams to Commonwealth and Olympic Games and ISSF World Championships.

ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federation) pistol disciplines are conducted at our Club.

Shooting an ISSF pistol match is challenging, for most events, competitors have to shoot at a target with a relatively small centre from a distance of 25m, using one hand unsupported. ISSF pistol events include 10m Air Pistol, 50m Pistol (rimfire) and 25m Pistol (both rimfire & centre fire)

All shooting activities are conducted under supervision of accredited range officers, who are responsible for all safety procedures and safe handling of firearms.

Despite our friendly environment, strict safety protocol and regulations, the sport of Pistol shooting is still frowned upon by some.

The illegal firearms and criminals make it hard for the legal target shooters, who are doing the right thing.

Safety is paramount which supports Coffs Harbour Pistol Club’s 50 year exemplary safety record.

It is a rewarding and skilful sport that families can do together.

If anyone would like to join this friendly sport, the Coffs Pistol Club holds a ‘New Member’ day on the first Sunday of the month. Also weekdays by request. Bookings are essential

Phone 0478 666 006 or email


By Helen FIELDING Coffs Harbour Pistol Club Inc

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