Commitment Pays Off for Corlette Resident

Laice Moses at her desk. Photo by: Mandy Ellis
Laice Moses at her desk. Photo by: Mandy Ellis

Being a mum of three would be enough to keep most people busy and put small business plans on the back burner, but not for Laice Moses, who has dedicated the past two-and-a-half years to see her idea through to completion.

A small desk, mobile phone and basic printer is what Mrs Moses of Corlette calls her office.

Committing 100 percent to the business and daily reflection of her decisions is what has helped keep her focussed and on track.

Tile Rescue
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Mrs Moses told Bay News Of The Area, “There have been many obstacles which I have had to address, but my determination to prove to myself ‘I can do this’ kept me going.”

Two weeks before the launch date, she had to change her packaging supplier as they did not meet her stringent quality control requirements.

Taking a leap of faith, she agreed with her agent’s recommendation to use another company.

“Although it was nerve-wracking waiting for the new packaging to arrive, I am very happy with the result.”
Asking questions and leaving my ego behind has got me to this point of my journey.

After realising she did not need a degree, know how, nor be a computer whizz, she was then able to reach out to others who were experts in their field.

“I am feeling such nervous excitement about the product now being available; it has been a steep learning curve for me,” Mrs Moses said.

“I now know that I can dream up and create a new product. I want to lead by example and show my own children they can do anything they put their minds to and not be held back by limiting beliefs.”

Mrs Moses would like to encourage others who may be sitting on a great idea to take the plunge and do it and shares some insight – contact an Industrial Designer as your first contact, the rest will follow.

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By Mandy ELLIS

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