Conservation conversations with Coral the Mermaid at Coffs Marine Park

‘Coral the Conservation Mermaid’ is at Dolphin Lagoon where she’s engaging with children and inspiring them to learn more about caring for our oceans.

DOLPHIN Marine Conservation Park has found a unique way to inspire children about marine conservation these school holidays.

‘Coral the Conservation Mermaid’ has made Dolphin Lagoon her home for the July school holidays to engage with children and inspire them to learn more about caring for our oceans.

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Children can see Coral every day, either swimming with the dolphins or resting at Dolphin Shores.

There’s also the opportunity to meet her in a special ‘Meet the Mermaid’ experience.

Tiga Cross, Life Sciences Manager at Dolphin Marine Conservation Park, is enthusiastic about the feedback received so far.

“We have wanted to invite a mermaid to holiday with us at the park for a few years and now the timing is perfect,” Tiga told News Of The Area.

“Coral has made friends easily with our dolphins and she even swims with them occasionally which has thrilled young children and their parents.

“Bella, Jet and Zippy, our bottle-nosed dolphins, viewed her with curiosity at first but quickly accepted her into their marine world.”

Tiga was keen to add, “Apart from the amazing sight of seeing a mermaid, Coral also shares some important conservation messages with the children who meet her.

“Our vision is to inspire young people to learn more and care more for our oceans and the precious marine wildlife that inhabit our seas.

“Coral tells the story of one of our past rescue dolphins, Calamity, who had to be rescued twice due to fishing line entanglement.

“Kids learn about our Seal the Loop Program which has resulted in our team collecting over 250 kms of discarded fishing line and thousands of pieces of fishing junk in special bins along the Coffs Coast,” said Tiga.


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